“Just Cause” was born in 2002. It promotes culture in the most marginal areas of Spain. In addition to this facilitating the access to culture, as well as reaching areas where the local governments cannot reach.

     We work in partnership with community organisations, leaders, and institutions to ensure our projects are contributing to sustainable development. Our relationship with the beneficiary communities is central to our success. We design and implement projects with (and not just for) the local communities.


     We started with animation and reading projects with the intention of encouraging children to read, creating numerous educational activities related to stories, literature, theatre and music.

     We are working to promote social or political change on a broad scale or very locally. Just Cause plays a critical part in developing society, improving communities and promoting citizen participation. 


     Six years ago, in 2014, we decided to create a radio project where we could carry on the culture and music in a more attractive way, so we created a triple social educational and cultural event. This allowed the listeners to be close to the culture as well and additionally, the artist can also be promoted so this is the principal reason the radio program ¨Three thousand and one nights ¨ was born.

     We had a large audience, thanks to interviews with great groups such as the legendary Andalusiam rock group ¨Triana¨, Raimundo Amador, Jesus Quintero, films directors like Gonzalo García Pelayo and the actors such as Alex O´dougherty.


     “Just Cause” works in society with cultural projects on radio of European Community through music as the new show radio in CRCfm102.9 or www.crcfm.ie .

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